Top 10 Reasons to Teach Online

Teaching in public and private school has its merits for sure; but at this point in time, online teaching has exploded and has become a way for many teachers to showcase their skills and build a sustainable business. Teaching online is a different animal compared to teaching in a live setting. There are different considerations because you are limited by tech and your camera and there are delays in sound that have to be considered. You must be extremely animated and create a sense of community with the barrier of a computer screen.

Having said that, there are many great reasons to become an online teacher. There are platforms and companies that fit many different teaching styles and one may be a great fit for you. I currently teach on 3 different platforms and I wish that I would have started earlier as I think having this extra income stream would have helped us stay on the road longer. Teaching online is an excellent way to work from the road if teaching is your thing. I have my favorite platforms and will share those at another time, but for now, let’s discuss the Top 10 Reasons to teach Online!

10- Teaching Online exposes you to a unique blending of students. Learners come from all over and from a number of different backgrounds. You could be teaching in China or in Europe or in North America.

9- Learners generally want to be in your class. There are times just like a live school situation where you may have students who do not want to be there, but depending on the class you teach, and in my experience, most of my students want to be there and they want to come back!

8- Time freedom- Depending on the platform, you have the ability to set your schedule. If you decided to teach online ESL waking up early may not be your favorite, but like many of us online ESL teachers, the freedom to finish work early in the morning and have the rest of the day to do whatever we choose, is HUGE!

7- Creativity- While each online platform has its own guidelines, within those guidelines, there is a ton of room for creativity. Some platforms provide the curriculum and allow you to provide the creativity of how you present the curriculum and other platforms allow you complete freedom to develop your own classes.

6- Teaching in your pajama pants in the comfort of your own home- This is awesome! Put on your favorite bright colored t-shirt, do a little grooming and put on some make-up and your ready to go!

5- No Commute- Having no commute other than walking from one room to another means your cost of working is less. You will have a few things to provide up front like a computer, headphones and a good internet connection, but you won’t have the cost of tolls or gas or the expensive latte on your way to work!

4- No Time Wasters- When teaching online, you teach your class, type some feedback and you have the ability to avoid the trip to the water cooler or endless staff meetings that don’t apply to you! If you’re an extrovert; no problem, you have extra time after you are finished teaching to go and extrovert around. If you're an introvert; well, this will keep you in your safe space without all the peoply-ness out there.

3- Travel- As long as you have a stable internet connection, you are free to move about the country and free to move about the world. There are no limitations other than where you decide to go. We traveled around the U.S. in our RV for 2.5 years with my husband working a corporate IT work from home job and myself working online. For the last few months, I taught online for two companies and had no IT issues.

2- You are providing a necessary service to a wide audience that needs your expertise and wouldn’t otherwise find it if you were not online. You have the potential to reach more people that need you as a teacher.

1- Your boss is awesome… because it’s you! You are able to do so much more when you have a good boss to work with and who is a better boss that yourself. You know your needs and how to manage yourself better than anyone else. You know when you need time off and a break. You know when to push ahead toward certain financial goals.

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