5 Reasons to Stop Fulltime RV Living

Our time as a fulltime rv family has taken a turn, and we have decided to settle down into a house for the time being. We have been asked many times lately“Why?” Why would we decide to give up the freedom to move around the country, to leave on a moment’s notice and explore anywhere or anytime we choose.

Fulltime RV living is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. And in no way has our decision to settle down negated any of the amazing memories we will carry from this time together on the road. But as in many instances of life, there is a time and a season. There have been many markers leading up to this decision and it was time to make a decision.

When we left the midwest states in November and arrived back in our home state of Texas, we were exhausted. We were stressed. We were nervous and uncertain. We had made several mistakes along the way that cost us in the end.

We have also seen many others that have come off the road. Why are so many people seemingly leaving the freedom of RV Life?

Here are our Top 5 Reasons for Leaving Fulltime RV Life. I would love to hear what are your reasons for ending your fulltime RV journey? Leave a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going.

1- Our Current Climate with the Pandemic

Our country is faced with a lot of uncertainty right now. In March and April, many fulltime RV families were scrambling to find a place to hunker down and stay put. RVers are resilient, hearty folks and able to weather most storms. This was a challenge as National Parks, State Parks and even some private parks shut down. Many people were able to seek shelter on their own property or family or friends' properties. If you are not feeling confident in the current climate we are living in, then it may be time to find a more stable living situation.

2- The Trend is Over

Some people have said that the fulltime RV lifestyle is a part of the “tiny house” movement and that the trend is waning. While that in part may be true, I believe fulltime RVing is it’s own trend and it’s not going anywhere soon. The freedom it brings, the opportunity to travel while working and the fact that you can bring your home wherever you go is a huge reason for many to begin and to stay in this lifestyle. But, if you follow trends and are worried about being left with an RV you are not able to use for various reasons, it may be time to seek other living arrangements.

2- It’s Too Expensive

Fulltime RV Life can get expensive. I’ve seen folks on the Fulltime Families Facebook group talk about how much they spend in a typical month. It can be as low as $1500 and as high as around $12k. Depending on if you purchased your RV in cash or you have a “mortgage” on it, where you travel, how often you travel and what you like to do in each place whether activities or eating out can cost… a lot. There is also a huge discrepancy in grocery and gas prices in any given location. This can dry out a family’s savings account very quickly. And there is the fear of missing out on the many adventures in any given location, which adds up fast!

3- Limited Space

Living in your RV, especially if there are more than two people can get crowded. The habits learned or not learned in a house will carry over into RV living. Clutter builds up extremely fast and the picture perfect dreams you see on YouTube and Instagram don't always show the clutter hiding on the other side of the camera. It can be depressing to live in a small space that continuously becomes cluttered. If you are unable to continually pare down your belongings and continually

4- Limited Community

While the RV community is absolutely amazing and there are many ways to get involved in community; sometimes due to work schedules or your current plans, you may end up finding yourself and your family with more alone time than originally planned. The kids may be starved for friendships. There are ways to help that through the use of technology, as we have seen with the current set of events we are dealing with; however, kids need time to interact and play with live human beings. The older our kids get, the more they want that time to interact with other kids. And sometimes I want another mom to talk with and have a cup of coffee. Fulltime Families is a great way to seek out those friendships. However, inevitably, there were many times we would be at an RV park with limited opportunities for interaction.

5- Routines

In the RV, we had our routine, but often that routine was having no routine. We had our morning coffee ritual and Tom was always able to maintain his productive work routine, but finding mine and the kids groove was always a challenge. Even in the freedom of fulltime travel, having a set of routines to guide you can help keep the ship running smooth, clean and gives everyone a sense of purpose. Often times, I would get the kids started on school and then get sucked in to creating YouTube videos, editing or just planning our next adventure. And I would be stuck inside my 245 sf of space with the kids and would forget to do the little things, like cleaning and cooking. This is one of those issues that carries over from home life. Setting up routines and boundaries prior to travel would have made travel life a little more enjoyable.

6- Medical "Stuff"

Having a chronic disease and managing it solo without the help of trusted medical professionals is a challenge. I was able to manage for quite a while, but eventually my system broke down. It was hard enough finding a good doctor while we were in a house, but that was even more difficult as we ventured into the unknown. I had a plan and stuck with that plan, but when the stress of other issues was compounding, my health suffered as well. Settling down temporarily is helping us to get our health in order so that we can go back out there less encumbered.

There are many reasons to come off of the road either for the long term or the short term. We are already making plans for our next fulltime adventure as a family and we're hopeful that by evaluating the positives and negatives, we can shore up our health, finances, protocols and routines so that we can have an even more amazing time the second and third and fourth time around!

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