Transitioning from RV Living?

Transitioning from Fulltime RV Living to a House

We decided to leave fulltime RV living for awhile due to our crazy hectic work schedule and because the kids were craving the stability of stationary life (and they desperately want a dog). We decided upon the city of Tyler, Texas which was a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas/Fort Worth which was where we left to get on the road fulltime nearly 3 years ago.

Adulting is hard and making the decision to settle back down was definitely not an easy one. But staying stationary in our RV was also not the best option for our family. We went through several different options:

1- Buy land and put the RV on it while building a more permanent structure

2- Buy a house in an area that would not be over-inflated like the current market and that

would be a great rental property should we decide to go back to nomad life

3- Buy a new RV and travel at a slower pace

4- Stay in the current RV and finish our tour of the 48 contiguous states

After several real estate deals fell through, some friends of ours mentioned that a family member was about to list their home in East Texas. That hot tip led us to what would become our new house. It is a good house, but the one thing that is keeping me grounded right now, is that I know this is not my dream home. It is not my forever home. It is my first investment property and thankfully, it doesn’t need a whole lot of work! The nomad spirit has always been a part of me and while it’s not always as easy as social media says it can be, there is a time and a season for everything, right?

We purchased the house and sold the RV in the same week. We didn’t tell the kids we were buying a house, just in case something fell through. We had taken them along for several other opportunities and each one had fallen through, so we kept mum on this one. We sent them to my parent’s for a week so we could get the new flooring installed, clear out our storage unit and the storage we had in my parents’ attic and have everything moved into at least the garage when we surprised the kids.

Move-in week was hectic. We painted and waited on the flooring install and we had just enough time to unload the truck into the garage, have the mattresses delivered and then we had to rush to take care of all of the details of doing the final clean out and paperwork to sell the RV. We hadn’t planned on it selling so fast so I was thinking we’d have time to slowly move and then clean it and have it ready.

Thankfully, everything fell into place and we surprised the kids with their new home. Immediately, our daughter's mind went straight to a dog. Several months in and still no dog, and I may be stalling for a few more moments of peace. And maybe we’ll start with something easier like a plant, a fish or a hamster!

So, we’ve moved in and have started making this small 3 bedroom home ours (for now). We added some decor, started working on projects around the house and just getting settled. But nothing is ever complacent when you’re a planner. I’m always looking ahead to what is next.

We had a lot of medical things that fell by the wayside while we were traveling. While traveling fulltime, we had picked up some very bad eating habits. We indulged in “camp” food more often than I would like. Our refrigerator froze everything on the top two shelves so we didn’t have room for a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. And cooking in a small space can become daunting with prep and clean up, so often it was easier to just go out for a bite and try the local flavors. I digress, but a lot of health issues either crept up or were exacerbated by the travel life. And one of my personal goals when we got on the road was to work out and lose weight.

Those medical issues ran deeper than just eating camp food and not hiking enough. There were some other issues like hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism and anemia that sapped the energy from this active mama and grounded me from even wanting to prepare.

Aside from my personal issues, we had to get back on track with schooling and with some therapy that our son needed. As a former preemie, he has always struggled with reading. He told us that he could only see out of one eye. We’ve taken him to doctors previously who told us he was fine, get some reading glasses. This was the ophthalmologist- the specialist that did his surgery at a year old! We took him to an optometrist who gave him prescription glasses for his farsightedness and his astigmatism. But that wasn’t enough. We were very blessed to find an optometrist in our area that specializes in helping kids with processing issues.

Settling down into a house is giving us time to re-group. Our son is doing better with academics and as a bonus he is able to focus more and spend less time doing his work. His handwriting is improving. Both kids have some neighborhood friends. We have had time to think about how we want to move forward.

We will be back on the road within another year. I have found a few extra streams of income to help us shore up our finances better and feel more secure as we head down the road. And, it involves teaching, which is what my degree is in. It also allows me the freedom to teach what I want, when I want and to teach students from all over the world. But, that’s another post for another day. We will continue to share our journey and we’ll bring you along for some smaller adventures along the way, local to where we are out in East Texas.

Until next time, keep searching for More Better Days!

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