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As a roadschooling family, there is a lot of planning that goes into, well, living. There's the menus, the trips and experiences, the budget, the down-time, the birthdays and anniversaries, the curriculum, the goals and dreams for the future.

I'm not an app-style of planner. Google is great for many a things, but not for keeping things straight in my brain. The internet and apps and tech just add to the overwhelming feeling that I'm missing something. It's just not a simple, practical tool for our style of travel and our family.

For nearly two years, we've been struggling to stay organized. We've worked to organize the RV and have gotten some of the basic organization ironed out; however, we still have a long way to go. The endless influx of stuff, even if minimal requires a place and there aren't many places left within our 350 sf Winnebago. I've tried to convince Tom that it would be easier if we could decorate; but because I was the decorating queen in our sticks and bricks house, he's been hesitant to give his blessing and we have yet to add it to the budget. So, we work with what we have. Our 2010 Sightseeer in all it's honey maple glory.

Our roadschool has been... well, less than organized. I've got all the curriculum, the desks, the table, the crafts, the music books and instruments, and well, our style has been less than organized. We do "hurry and catch up" lessons way more than I like and I get so overwhelmed in the day to day without a specific routine. We've tested out many a routine; however, most if not all have flopped. And flopped miserably. The only routine that has kept us moving, is morning coffee! Without that moment of sheer bliss- peace and quiet with whatever scenery is out my dashboard, I'd be completely lost!

Now, that we've settled into a routine of non-routine, I'm ready to get back to a daily plan. I'm ready to have some basic structure to our days. And with the official school year beginning the time is now. But, I like to write... with pen and paper. I like the physical act of putting something onto a page with an intent and motivation to accomplish those tasks and check them off one by one. But in a small motorhome, that quickly adds up to a terrible mess and a husband that as politely as possible asks "Can't you just put that into One Note or your Google Calendar?"

Sure I could, but I would ruin some of my best creative moments. Those moments where I go into the depths of my brain, find creative ways to solve problems, map things out and devise ways to get ahead. That doesn't happen in the box of a computer or phone. It happens when I write on the back of a napkin or a ripped receipt or a random scrap piece of paper.

So, I've been feverishly working to put together a working calendar/planner after scouring for one all over Etsy, TeachersPayTeachers and other sites. The planner has to be all-inclusive to get rid of as much of the extraneous papers all over our tiny house. It has to have a way to both plan and keep records. This Roadschool Planner for 2018-2019 includes:

Monthy Pages (spread on two pages)

Weekly Pages (spread on three pages with each day having 3 separate sections)

Personal Goals

Roadschoolin Goals

Curriculum Planning

Weekly Lesson Plans

Reading Logs

Attendance Records

Record Keeper

Trip Planner

Menu Planner

Notes Pages

And, what I found was I enjoyed putting this planner together so much, that I figured it could help out other travelling/roadschoolin' families. And so it began. Amazon doesn't accept spiral bound manuscripts for their printing, so I researched until I found a platform that would print on demand, meaning when someone orders, they print it and send it! So, I don't have to keep the books stacked in my RV for my husband to wonder if we truly downsized or if we're just driving around in a bus with a full house of stuff!

It feels amazing to have a plan; and a way to organize that plan in one place. There's accountability in keeping a hand written log. Setting aside time each week to go over the plan for each week will make that morning cup of coffee taste that much sweeter. The feeling of accomplishment as each week gets filled with the needed tasks and goals. Now, it's going to important to prioritize and realize that there must still be time to roll with the punches. This is why I write everything in pencil first. I must have the flexibility to roll with the punches.

The RV Lifestyle is about Freedom; however, there still needs to be a plan, even if more general and a set of routines that balance out that freedom. It's not about deadlines and measuring each hour in the day; but rather about making the most of the time we have available while we travel full-time in our RV.

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