KOA has always been a great place to fill in the gaps in our Ocean Canyon and Coast to Coast RV Park Memberships. Most of our stays with KOA have rated well above average and we appreciate the consistency that the brand offers to fulltime travelers like us.

KOA offers 3 levels of parks which cater to different categories of travelers:

1- Journey

2- Holiday

3- Resort

Each level offers a unique experience. Journey parks are typically near major cities and are often right near a major highway route. We typically stay at a Journey KOA park when we're stopping through for one or two nights and either a) do not want to stay at a busy WalMart overnight or b) Walmart and other retail stores will not allow overnight parking. In our two years of travelling fulltime, we've come to the conclusion that a good night sleep in a safer, more consistent place is better than taking a chance. We have also stayed at a Journey location when trying to find a place near our homebase which has very limited access to good quality, consistent parks. We stayed at the KOA Journey in Pilot Point Texas for over a month last year and enjoyed a very nice, clean and relaxing experience.

The Holiday resort typically offers more amenities, like bicycle rentals or experiences that cater to the area where it is located. We stayed at a KOA Holiday in Rusk, Texas and it was close to town, but off the main highway. It was in a heavily treed area with large sites and open spaces. It was clean and the people were friendly. They accepted a bunch of packages for us as we stayed there near Christmas time and needed a place to receive gifts. They put them under their tree and had them waiting for us.

The KOA Resorts are the cream of the crop! We stayed at one near Mount Rushmore, one in Tucson and most recently had the most amazing experience at their Cape Hatteras Resort. Each one offers unique amenities based on their location including daily activities, rentals, unique experiences and often times a restaurant.

We have come to expect quality, consistency and friendliness from KOA. We've only had one meh experience in two years. The rest have all been good to absolutely fantastic. We will continue to book with KOA and we have learned a few tips and tricks to saving money through KOA that we hope will help you as you plan your travels.

1- The Discount Card costs up front, but more than pays for itself after the first few stays. It offers 10% off when you book using your KOA Member Number.

2- Earning Points- For every stay, you earn points that you can use to save money on future stays. We saved up a bunch of points over the past several months, and used them to save $50 on our stay at the KOA Resort Cape Hatteras.

3- Special Discount Rates Throughout the Year- These rates are advertised on their website and all you have to do is show up to take advantage of the rate.

4- When needing to keep costs down, find a Journey location which typically costs less than the Resort or

5- Double Dip and Triple Dip to stack your savings. We used a combination of our discount card, points and a special discount for Father's Day when we stayed at Cape Hatteras which made our AMAZING experience OVER THE TOP! Stay at the beach in the summer during the busy part of the year and SAVE MONEY, YES PLEASE!

While we recognize that not every experience is always going to be the same as what we've experienced, KOA has stood the test of time during our two years of fulltime RV travel and we definitely appreciate and recommend their consistency and their commitment to families and a great experience during travel.


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