Our days in Texas were both a little unplanned and hectic. Between doctor and dental appointments and visiting with family and friends, we wanted to spend some time taking in the beautiful Spring flowers. Around April in Texas every year, the roadsides and fields abound with seas of blue flowers. The Texas State flower. The Beloved Bluebonnet.

Because we travel fulltime in our RV, heading to our home state for this phenomenon every year isn't practical. We have many states yet to cover in our US tour. And March and April in Texas also signals the beginning of tornado season, which is something we don't wish to experience in our tiny motorhome.

After many days of rain, the final days of our stay in Texas, I managed to wrangle up the clan and dress them up, which is something we're not used to much anymore. The boys in their aqua and the girls in their coral. We get in the car and drive over an hour away in search of the Bluebonnet Trails of Ennis, Texas.

These fields are known throughout the state for their fields of blue and they are also home to the Bluebonnet Festival in mid to late April. It's also a great place to pack up the family and a photographer and find a spot in the middle of the blue and take your Spring family photos.

But with all the craziness of life, we weren't able to nail down a photographer. And the app for my DSLR camera that has a shutter option, well it didn't work. We also didn't have a shutter remote to take photos from a distance. So, we had a choice to make. Either find someone else taking pictures in the fields and ask them to take ours, which could work or maybe not, or take a chance on my novice skills.

We stopped on the roadside first. It was a beautiful spot, but very much full of tall grass, weeds and road noise. So, instead of doing the photos there, we shot some video for the vlog and decided to find a more quiet place for the photo session. Thanks to the Bluebonnet Trails app we were able to see updates on where the bluebonnets were blooming and settled on the aptly named Bluebonnet Park.

So, with my Panasonic G7 (base model camera that works fine for now) we set it up on the tripod looking towards a beautiful evening sky and we set it on 4k video, and we let the video run while we sat in the field, stood in the field, laughed in the field and frolicked in the field. To see our vlogging camera equipment, check out our kit here.

We multitasked. We got beautiful video footage for our vlog and I was able to go into the raw footage and segment out several possible photos for our family photo shoot. Check out the video here

Not being a photographer, but having the full Adobe CC Suite, I captured jpg photos out of the video and saved them to where I could import them into Lightroom. Because I've never used Lightroom before, I went to one of my favorite YouTubers who is also an amazing photographer (and a Canadian!), Peter McKinnon and bought some of his presets for Lightroom in hopes I could make my amateur photos into something amazing!

And while my expectations were low, for a first attempt, I think the photos came out quite nice. They're better than what we've had in the past few years (nothing) and I think they'll be treasured by our family for years to come. So, the moral of the story is this- Even when things aren't perfect and aren't to your plans or expectations, sometimes trying to figure out a work-around can create something wonderful.

See for yourself and decide :

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