This question often comes to us from other well-meaning people and sometimes even ourselves. How can you afford to travel all the time? How can you do this type of lifestyle? Just over a year ago we sold our home, we made a small profit we put into savings and into a large down payment on our motorhome and began our journey not knowing just where it would lead us in the future. This week as we celebrate our One Year Nomadiversary we are looking back at all of the decisions we have made that have led us to this lifestyle.

We've seen the looks and we've heard the judgemental comments and felt the "you're crazy" stares. We know this lifestyle is not for everyone. We know that living in a smaller than a tiny house space is a challenge. We get it. But we also have had a total mindshift in how we view life and how we view the comfortable home and stuff we once thought of as the pinnacle of adulthood.

Our journey is not inexpensive. Our monthly costs are about what they would be in our 2400 square foot home. We didn't gain much in the way of cost savings. We also didn't have a huge year in regards to our businesses either. But, we've steadily learned a lot of valuable information.

So, then, how do we earn money on the road? This is actually not a glamorous answer and this is not how we envision our income in the future. For the time being; however, Tom is a network architect. He works a typical 40 hour per week full-time job. However, we are blessed in that he has a 100% work from home position. There is no office to go to. And, as long as we have good internet, we can continue to move about the country at will. So, that's it in a nutshell.

Now, we're not leaving everything to his job. We can't. We have known the sting of a job layoff while pregnant with twins. My income was the sole support for many months. We recognize that Tom's value as a husband and father comes not from a position or title but from the man he is becoming. And thus, we want more of him! We want to enjoy more time with him and more time together as a family. For now, he works throughout the week while I homeschool, leaving time on the weekends for adventuring and travel. In fact we call our weekends "Family Adventure Weekend." The kids look forward to this time as do I. And yes, it is a challenge to keep everyone in their part of the RV during the day without making a mess! But, I digress. Back to the earning money part.

So, just over 2 years ago we began seriously using essential oils to support our health. We love them and the benefits they provide for our family. We carry them on our travels. We use them liberally. So, when we decided to get on the road in our motorhome full-time, I wanted to help contribute and hopefully someday replace Tom's income so he can work with me. We've so far built a small team that we are growing. We recognize that our travelling is both an asset and liability, but we are choosing to look at this as an opportunity to grow without bugging friends and family; but rather through online and face to face opportunities that come our way as we travel.

We believe that building an organic business is going to sustain us long-term and provide us with the health benefits we seek. We have created several processes and operational helps that will be easy to teach others and help them to grow their businesses as well. We love teaching about the benefits of essential oils and we love sharing our love for the oils and we love getting rid of all of the toxins from our homes and our bodies! This may not be the most glamourous way to earn money, but it is a win-win-win. It's a win to our health as we learn better habits and it's a win to our finances as we teach others how to grow an online business. And it's a win as we see others investing and growing in their health and their finances.

There's also another means by which we are working towards financial independence and it's more of a 3-step means. We are working towards a private label Amazon business and we have invested in a few trainings to get as much information as possible before investing in a product. I have also created a prototype for a product which I hope to find a manufacturer to produce and I have two books in process as well. These opportunities will come as we journey forward and we look ahead to the development and production stages and we look forward to learning even more about online business development as we go.

We are not a couple with tons of friends and influence and we've chosen the road less traveled amongst our family and friends. In fact, as we've asked for viewers on our YouTube channel and have asked for non-financial support along the way, we've been often met with disappointment. We've found the road lonely many times and yet invigorating as we dream of what will be in the future. We are not looking to earn things but earn to support ourselves, pay off our debts and invest in our future while giving to others in need. We sincerely believe that there is a better way and we are continuously looking ahead to More Better Days. But for now, Tom's job is a good one and he is good at it and we will continue to work at our side businesses until we can retire him so he can more fully invest his time in what he cares about most.

The lifestyle we have chosen has allowed our creative juices to flow. No longer are we looking to trading more hours for money to fund stuff and activities; but we are learning to earn now and invest in the future. We are learning that there are more than a couple of ways to do business and to do life and we are so excited that our minds are expanding and that the options are literally endless for business growth on the road.

As we look towards our Essential Oils Business, Amazon, Writing Books, etc. we notice that our desire to travel and to continue our travels even outside of the U.S. and Canada grows. We now believe we will begin to grow our businesses through more modern means and we will meet other like minded people as we go. We look forward to seeing the progress and we are learning to be a little more patient in the process.

Life is a beautiful and precious thing. We hope and pray that we will choose to embrace the opportunities as they come and continue the journey as God leads us forward.

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