We've had a great time adventuring lately, and while I recognize we could debate whether Easter needs a bunny or not, we have always done a little something for the kids on Easter and I don't want to let go of the tradition just yet. We will celebrate a Risen Savior who lives by finding a church in our next location and we will get somewhat dressed up (or at least Rachel and Ethan

While we're in an RV, gifts must be small and practical. I realized this morning that I haven't thought about that sneaky bunny in about 358 days and it was time to get that bunny in gear. So, with computer in hand, onto Amazon I went. This year the bunny is eggseptionally practical and after seeing a graphic somewhere (I can't for the life of me remember) I am eggcited that the kids will have some useful and fun items in their Easter "Baskets."

Because the Prime order will not be here till we reach our next destination, I'm going to simply list the ideas and put a link. Now, please note, these links are Amazon Affiliate links and by purchasing through these links, the prices are no different; however you are helping Fouralifetime to stay afloat. And we Thank You and appreciate the support.

So here goes:

Our Easter Baskets this year are:

Rainboots! So cute and they can stomp around in mud to their hearts content (as long as they don't bring the mud inside)! We'll put some Easter Grass in them and fill them with a few small trinkets!

Next to the boots we will strategically place these cute items:


Wallets to hold their allowance earnings to take to buy souvenirs or treats as they go:

And a couple of small little toys to enjoy:

And while at the Zondervan Booth at the Fort Worth Homeschool Convention I found some big kid Bibles which is something Ethan has been asking for:

Easter gifts are on order and coming our way just in time. Now, I can prepare for our family celebration by choosing a church in our next location, planning a simple, yet special family dinner since we'll be away from family. We'll figure out a time when we can Skype with the family and we'll be in prayer that we may seek Him during this Holy season and not worry about the things and events. Ultimately, He is the reason we celebrate this season. His ultimate sacrifice is why we can live in freedom today. We will remember those killed in Egypt recently just because of their religious beliefs. Blessings to you and your family during this special time.

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