Where do you work? My husband answers this question by simply stating "I work from home." His job as a network architect allows him the opportunity to work anywhere he is connected via the internet, which is wonderful. He is an employee in corporate America; but without the traditional office. However, moving from an office space that was 10 X12 to a space that is 24 inches by 27 inches is quite an adjustment.

Then there is the fact that I also must find space to homeschool the kids and Tom must be able to get on Skype for Business and other phone calls throughout the day and not hear the sweet sounds of our beautiful kids fighting, I mean learning!

When we looked at RVs, our first option was to purchase a new Winnebago Vista 31BE which had a pull out desk in the masterbedroom area however, that didn't work out for us and we bought a used Winnebago Sightseer we lovingly call Sally. Sadly, Sally didn't come with a pull out desk for my husband to use. Simple, we'll call up the parts department and buy one. Yeah, that didn't work out so well for us either.

After trying to explain what we were looking for several times, the sweet customer service agent in the parts department finally figured it out and came back with a price somewhere near $500. Seriously! No Thank you.

So, with some imagination and a couple of trips to our local Home Depot store, we were able to build our own pull out desk. We had the store cut it to our dimensions and we bought the sliding tracks in the cabinet section. I spent one afternoon while staying in Arkansas, staining and sealing the wood. I stained the desk top as well as the wood that the sliders would attach to. Tom spent less than an hour putting it together and voila!

He doesn't seem to mind his space because it is his own space that none of us touch. It may be small but it's his! When he gets up in the morning, he makes the bed and sets up his laptop for the day. After breakfast and a quick walk to get his blood moving, he comes back to his workspace and begins his day. Because he is sitting on a bed instead of a chair, we've solved the problem by having him use a standard stadium chair. That offered some extra support for his back while working.

Most places we have stayed we have had good enough internet for him to work. We also boosted our data plan and purchased a mifi box to help when the internet is not so stellar. If we were to ever find a place with no internet available, we would have at least a day to find a solution since we try to travel on Saturdays. That gives us a day to test out the internet and make the decision to stay or find a more connected campground.

Tom's next project that has taken awhile to get ready, is to install a WeBoost

which is a 4G Booster, a TPLink which is a bidirectional site to site antenna, and the PepWave which is an internal network for the RV. Hopefully, these techie gadgets will allow Tom even more confidence as we move to ensure internet will be available and the signal will be strong enough to get his work done. Tom researched and found the following vlogs helpful as he came up with his solution, RVGeeks and Technomadia. They have many newer products that can be used as well in your quest for better internet on the road, but this is what we purchased last year and we need to install and use it before we upgrade.

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