We are often asked how laundry works in our RV. We have a small class A motorhome with a bunkhouse and we do not have a washer/dryer or hookups. Even if we did have the hookups, I doubt we could fit a washer/dryer unit in here. I actually prefer our new system of doing laundry to our former way in our home.

In our sticks and bricks house, laundry was a two day event, and often it was never quite complete. I would have a hamper in our room and a hamper in each of our kids' rooms and a hamper in the upstairs bathroom and then there would always be clothes that find their way into the backs of closets and invariably the floor.

I would spend quite a bit of time just gathering laundry together. Then it would take more time to sort, oftentimes just piling it up on the living room floor. Then I bought a whiz-bang, newfangled "energy efficient" washer/dryer when we built our new house in 2014. The first load would be put in and started and I would go about other chores or activities, only to come back thirty minutes later and find that the washer was still going. An hour later and I could finally put the first load in the dryer and begin the next load.

Typically, we would save up laundry for a week or so and I would have about 4 or 5 full loads to do. That first load after being washed would go into the dryer only to be dry in about two hours (each cycle takes about an hour). Often, I would have to restart the dryer at least one time to get everything dry. Each load averaged about 3 hours. That meant that four loads would take twelve hours and five loads would take 15 hours!

We have downsized our clothes considerably since we moved from our home to our tiny house RV. I have two places to put laundry, one in a basket in our closet and the other in a hanging hamper in the bathroom (Thank you Command hooks). When they're full, it's time to do laundry. I have four stacking baskets to sort clothes by color or like item. We typically have one load of light colors, one load of dark colors, one load of whites/dish towels and one load of towels/bed linens.

Once a week to week and a half, depending on the activities and how much we have used, I sort the clothes into my four baskets and walk or drive to the on-site laundry at our RV park. Most of the time I can do all four loads at once. Each wash takes 15 to 30 minutes and the longest dryer time is 45 minutes. In under 2 hours, I typically do what used to take me nearly 15 hours in my home! The cost per week is about $10. Most RV park laundry facilities charge $1- $2 per load. It varies everywhere we go.

In addition, most of the washers have the agitators which get the clothes more clean, in my opinion, than our old washer that didn't have the agitator. Once everything is done, I immediately take another hour and fold/roll the clothes and reload them in the car and Tom helps me unload and put everything away. Tight rolling our clothes has been a lifesaver because it allows us to fit more in a tiny space, but I am also working on a solution that allows me to better manage the rolled up clothes. I will be sharing that in early March. Stay Tuned!

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