We are the proud parents of a yellow belt and yellow tiger stripe belt in Tae Kwon Do. While we were stationed in North Dallas through the winter, we decided to work on our health by joining Lifetime Fitness in Allen and working with a trainer. While we worked with our trainer Esther on functional fitness and in our Team Weight Loss class with Nicole, the kids were able to work on their Tae Kwon Do skills.

We knew we would be traveling again in the Spring so we set a goal to do their first belt test before we leave for the west. I even tried a few classes with Rachel to get in some extra cardio and stretching. Tae Kwon Do is no joke. I'm definitely more flexible because of it! Rachel was not always as enthusiastic about it but Ethan was on fire and always did his best.

Each class, the kids worked on their focus, on correct form throughout and on each individual skill. Ms. Carrie, their instructor was amazing! Her patience and her ability to get these kids to follow instructions and participate and grow were amazing. We practiced wherever we could, while doing laundry, outside, etc.

They tested during their class with Ms. Carrie's husband, Master Quay and he took them aside after they received their new belts and he gave them some lifelong advice as he knew we were planning to travel for the next several months. He told them that by continuing to practice their forms at their current levels, that they would be in better shape and have better form than other kids that earn their next belt faster. By training at one level and working on good form and technique, they would actually be ahead of many of their peers. That definitely gave all of us food for thought!

I am so thankful for this lifestyle that allows us the flexibility to learn new things and the time and opportunity to continue working at our own pace and focus on the most basic, yet important things in life. It's like Daniel in the Karate Kid, working at basic movements until they become so natural that you don't have to think about them anymore. Now, there's an idea. "Hey kids, here's a rag. Now wax on, and wax off."

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