August 16, 2017

When planning an Epic Family Fulltime RV Adventure throughout the United States, where does one begin? There are 48 contiguous states, there's Canada and Mexico, there's Alaska that can technically be travelled by RV and then there's the question of How does one get to Hawaii? There's a lot of ground one can cover, and there is so much history within our beautiful country and the surrounding continent. How do you narrow it down and decide what to see and what not to see?

For us, we started with the goal of getting through t...

There are many ways to skin a cat, and in the case of internet for RV families, there is a constant evolution in options. We have been only using RV Park Wifi and our Verizon Phone plan with 30 Gigs of data since we sold our home and went nomad; however, I (Valerie) am the one that always gets in trouble for all of the overage charges we've had as of late.

In my defense, I'm a homeschool mom. I'm a research-a-holic. I love information and the benefits of learning. So, I spent more data in the past two months trying to find...

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