When downsizing from our 2400 square foot home to an RV, there was little room for extras. Each item brought in was scrutinized as to if we really needed it while traveling. Most items didn’t make the cut and were either sold or given away. A few items were placed into storage and at my parent’s home for safekeeping.

Some things we had purchased specifically for the RV, well let’s just they were completely useless and caused more frustration than they were worth. Take for example, I bought two school desks for the kids for...

April 11, 2017

We've had a great time adventuring lately, and while I recognize we could debate whether Easter needs a bunny or not, we have always done a little something for the kids on Easter and I don't want to let go of the tradition just yet. We will celebrate a Risen Savior who lives by finding a church in our next location and we will get somewhat dressed up (or at least Rachel and Ethan will...lol).

While we're in an RV, gifts must be small and practical. I realized this morning that I haven't thought about that sneaky bunny in a...

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