March 20, 2018

When beginning our RV nomadic lifestyle nearly 2 years ago, we had no idea where to start and what memberships were of great value. We made some great decisions and we made some really BAD decisions when it came to paying for different memberships. I’m going to present the membership experience we have had with Ocean Canyon and Coast to Coast and compare it with why we did not choose Thousand Trails and how we fill in our membership with independent parks and our KOA membership.

We received a call from our local Camping Wor...

March 12, 2018


Our son Ethan turned 8 about a week ago, and when planning his first birthday away from our home state of Texas, we wanted to do something special. Because we travel fulltime and have little room for birthday presents, gifts come in the form of experiences instead of too many things.

Last year on our trip to California, we had the privilege to go to both Disneyland and to Universal Studios. This year we did not want to get caught up in the lines or the hype of these two p...

While traveling through California for the second time, we knew we would be close to San Diego around the time of our son’s birthday. Last year we visited Disney and Universal Studios as well as the USS Midway Museum and Belmonte Park.

We knew we wanted to do something different this time in the area. With our son turning 8 years old, we knew Legoland would be perfect for him. We also wanted to visit the world famous San Diego Zoo and maybe even Knotts Berry Farm.

We had already purchased our Legoland tickets; however, hinds...

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