January 26, 2018

Planning is something that I love to do. I enjoy the thought process of developing a plan from beginning to end. But often time, lost in all of the thoughts and all of the hashing out of details, lies the unfortunate wake of inaction. And then the frustration of not reaching a goal.

When planning our RV journeys, I often feel that pride of accomplishment and that immediate gratification of a location or event checked off the list. Once the plan rolls into action, it’s a beautiful thing! And now being on the road, I’ve learn...

August 18, 2017

Traveling fulltime means Freedom! We have felt a freedom from things and activities and from the hectic pace of suburban life. That freedom is exhilarating, especially given the fact that the newness of the adventure has still not worn off!

Having worked since I was 16 years old, there was the routine of working. There was the getting ready for work, getting to work, the actual routine of the work day, scheduled breaks and the routine of the commute home and the routine of getting ready to do it all over again. When I taugh...

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