February 14, 2018

When Tom said we were going back to California for work instead of going onward to the Eastern half of the U.S. and Canada, I was bummed. Traveling the Eastern half was going to be a huge undertaking in the span of only one year. And, now we were looking at finishing the tour in 18 months. However, in the RV lifestyle more than anything, change is a given. So, with a renewed sense of making it work, I began looking at what opportunities we would have while we’re here for Tom’s job.

So, last year we tried kayaking in San Die...

August 16, 2017

When planning an Epic Family Fulltime RV Adventure throughout the United States, where does one begin? There are 48 contiguous states, there's Canada and Mexico, there's Alaska that can technically be travelled by RV and then there's the question of How does one get to Hawaii? There's a lot of ground one can cover, and there is so much history within our beautiful country and the surrounding continent. How do you narrow it down and decide what to see and what not to see?

For us, we started with the goal of getting through t...

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